The therapeutic effects of yoga and its ability to increase quality of life

The connection of the mind and body assists you to learn how to make use of your thoughts in positively influencing certain physical responses in the body, which in turn decreases stress levels. Mind-body exercises provide powerful means for the active participation in personalized health care, promoting recovery and minimizing insomnia. Benefits of Mind-Body Fitness Exercises The following are some of the benefits of mind-body exercises:

A Enhancing sleep A Decreasing pain A Increasing a sense of well-being and control A A variety of calming and empowering mind-body exercises have been proven to help people: A Strengthening the immunity system and enhancing the healing ability of the body A Decreasing anxiety A Decreasing side effects linked to medical procedures A Reducing the recovery time as well as shortening hospital stays Mind-body exercises shouldn’t be mistaken as alternative surgical or medical treatments. Whether you decide to go with yoga or other forms of exercises that link the body and mind, you need to focus on your whole wellbeing. The following are some of the mind-body fitness exercises:

  • Yoga is among the best mind-body exercises because of the numerous benefits linked to it. Yoga helps you to feel better, sleep better, as well as promoting mindfulness. Research has shown that yoga plays a key role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. People who practice yoga regularly have a higher variability of the heart rate as compared to those who don’t engage in yoga. Yoga is also beneficial in that it enables you to respond to stress in a calmer manner which is also good for the mind and body.
  • Relaxation Breathing Exercises Make use of the power of the mind so as to be more focused on your breathing. This helps you to make changes to your breathing patterns from one rate to another. As you get accustomed to breathing in a long, slow way, then you start getting more relaxed.
  • Walking as an exercise helps in connecting the body and mind especially in instances where you keep your worries aside as you get on the move. There are several health benefits that are linked to walking. Listening to soothing, inspiring or uplifting music as you walk helps in melting away your stress as you direct your concentration to your stride and breathing.
  • Weight Training Weight training exercises helps in boosting brain cells and building muscle. Weight training plays a key role in increasing body muscle and strengthening the lower part of the body. The workout also helps you to relax as you concentrate on how your body is feeling as you do the weightlifts. This helps in decreasing anxiety and stress while helping you to achieve a stronger body at the same time.
  • Muscle Relaxation Muscle relaxation in sequences involves relaxing and tensing certain muscle groups of the body, one after another, then progressing to the entire body. The main aim is to tighten certain muscle groups for 5-10 seconds, followed by releasing them. Start with your feet, followed by the legs, arms, neck, shoulders and torso. The mind gets involved as you work up the muscles as it helps in controlling the exercise. This is a good exercise for the mind and body. Summary the good thing about mind-body fitness exercises is that they help you to achieve a healthier body and mind at the same time. Engaging in mind-body exercises means that you don’t have to make visits to hospitals which would mean that you would have to apply for the E111 card to cover your medical bills; this is because you get to keep many ailments at bay.

The Amazing Sea of Poppy Flowers in London

floristsNo one can deny the beauty and poignancy of the poppy. They are deeply, evocative flowers that have been used throughout generations to convey peace, sleep and of course, death. Poppies have become a symbol and one that is recognised worldwide, and they have a long but meaningful association with Remembrance Day. But the humble poppy, seen growing naturally along hedgerows and fields or, sold in florists and outlets all across the UK, have a special meaning to all.

Their association with the tragedies of war began because they tend to grow naturally where the soil has been disturbed and this was particularly visible in Europe during the time of war. Scarlet corn poppies could be found transforming the bare land into a cascade of brilliant blood red flowers which grew around those soldiers who had met their untimely ends.

Remembrance Day is particularly supported by Britain and Canada although; the amazing sea of poppy flowers at the Tower of London which now fills the dry moat has become a true sensation on a global scale. It awakens the senses of all who stand to witness this ever growing event as the poppies are placed with strategic wisdom to represent the tide of blood. This is a vision of vibrant, blood-red that serves to fill the hearts of those who attend and those who mourn the loss of family and friends all that time ago. Remembering with fondness those who lost their lives is a mark of respect.

Known as the Seas of Red and Blood Swept Lands, this is a swathe of ceramic flowers and each of the 888,246 flowers represents the death of a commonwealth soldier. Painstakingly planted by dedicated volunteers, this beautiful vision continues to grow right up until the last flower is placed on Armistice Day. It’s a dramatic and poignant celebration of intensified beauty mixed with the sadness of former tragedies and bravery and it also ensures that no fallen soldier is truly forgotten.

It marks the one hundred years since Britain’s first full day of involvement in the First World War. The ceramic artist Paul Cummins created the poppies but the setting is designed by Tom Piper, a stage designer. The poppies gradually fill the moat and start to encircle the Tower of London. For all who attend to witness the event, it provides a chance for families to unite together to remember or, it can be used for personal reflection. This is a visual commemoration on a gigantic scale.

It is anticipated that around 4 million people will have viewed the scene on November 11th and this is a true tribute to the artistry and spectacular vision of this sea of flowers but most importantly, it reveals that even after all these years, the heart of those who remember, still beats strong. People remain resolute and true to the memories of those fallen soldiers.

Remembrance Day lives on and the UK Government has already pledged £500,000 to help fund the ongoing tour of the poppies and this is set to run until 2018. The ceramic poppies cost £25 each but all net proceeds go directly to any one of six service charities so every penny is worth it. The poppy has become a truly lasting memorial to all those who died and it signifies the sacrifice as told in the poem, In Flanders Field which was dedicated to the poet, John McCrae’s fallen comrades.

The opening line of the poem refers to those thousands of poppies that emerged as the first flowers to grow on such hallowed ground. Even now, poppy wreaths are often placed at war memorials. The Tower of London spectacle is well worth the visit, but for those that are unable to go, it is of course important to still remember. Visit the florists, buy poppies or seeds or, visit any retail department store and purchase a poppy to wear.

It is natural that following 100 years, the memories of the bravery and personal associations to those brave soldiers will naturally start to fade, but it is important that people do not forget and that they recognise the sacrifices and spilled blood in any way that they can. The poppy is a symbol now that unites people across the globe, just one look and the comprehension of war and all that it means, spans the generations. The Blood Swept Lands display provides an incredible way to remember and to unite with all those around who want to take a moment to reflect on their ancestors and the bravery and battles that occurred.

Tips To Buying The Safest Winter Tyres

winter tyresThere are different types of tyres that correspond to different driving conditions. Tyres generally consist of cords and wires enclosed in a case of synthetic rubber inflated with air. These types of inflatable rubber tyres are commonly used in motorcycles, cars, trucks, earth movers and other heavy vehicles such as the strength of each different type of tyre. Tread is important because it is the part of the tyre which comes into contact with the road and provides traction.

The tread is generally thick and does not rapidly wear away due to the presence of lugs and grooves on it. The lugs are generally designed to be asymmetric to reduce noise and the presence of a space between the lugs allows fast water evacuation. The design of the tread and the strength of the rubber is what distinguish one tyre from another.

Winter tyres are called high performance tyres have small void ratios that allow for more rubber in contact with the road when you travel, which increases friction. There is a sense of importance to use them. In fact, the EU has made these tyres a legal requirement on the roads of snow and slush. If you plan to travel in Europe, then you may have to perform separate checks for each country the laws of winter tyres vary by country.

In France, the winter tyres are not made mandatory, but they insist on snow chains and spikes. Vehicles using spikes may have to wear a badge indicating the use of spikes. In Switzerland, they are required. The use of snow chains are permitted, but must be mounted on at least two wheels. Some people find it very difficult to make additional sets of tyres and change frequently depending on the region where they are traveling. The solution may be to create a set of all-season tyres, which can then be used on the roads of snow and provided it has M + S mark on it.

Austria has strict laws on winter tyres and the maximum permissible weight of a vehicle is authorized to carry during the winter season. Whereas Italy does not enforce the use of winter tyres and snow-covered roads can be managed using snow chains. Latvia generally has high snow throughout the year, so winter tyres are mandatory there. Germany is very popular with many people from around the world. They have strict rules on winter tyres but you can use snow chains. But the use of summer tyres on the roads of snow certainly invite fines from road patrols.

There are many winter tyres retailers of good reputation like this one or on eBay that have been in business for many years. They are experts in tyres and a tyre can be inspected inside and outside for defects. Their tyres are generally fitted to a wheel and with a test for air leakage, the belt separations, pieces, or uneven wear. Some of them may even offer a replacement guarantee. As a customer, it is important to read the description of an item and ask as many questions you may have before you buy.

You want to try to avoid dealing with companies that may have a bad feedback and try to deal with sellers or eBay companies that have been around and have a good feedback rating. The age of the tyre is quite an important factor to consider when buying winter tyres.

You also want to make sure you stay with the recommended factory tyre sizes, speed ratings and charges intended for the vehicle. Not doing so will only cause your tyres to wear faster than normal you replace the much earlier, and can also cause a tyre to blow out and cause an accident. You can always go with a higher load capacity or speed rating but never less. Installing a different size tyre on your vehicle than what the factory recommends will more likely cause your speedometer to be off and can cause clearance issues.

If you have reason to believe that the tyres you currently have on your car are not factory equipment, it is always prudent to check the owner’s manual. Tyre specification is usually located on the car station door and on the driver’s side too. This would be your safest way to get the specifications for the purchase of your next set of winter tyres to avoid costly mistakes bet.

When you shop for your next set of winter tyres it is always a safe practice to obtain your tyre information from the tyre placard affixed to the driver or the amount of the owner’s manual side door. This will give you a peace of mind that you are getting the right tyres for your car. If you go off the specification of your tyres, there is always a chance that you may run the wrong capacity, tyre size and speed rating during that time.

Perfect Toy Rides for Kids

Children love riding around on toys. It doesn’t matter if they’re being pushed or running it on their own, they enjoying having their own car like their parents. Thankfully, there are many different rides available toy vehicles today, like Dune Racer, to make your kids enjoy. From motorized to pushed ones, they are all available for your kids to love.


There are ride on toys for children that are perfect for their ages. The smallest rider has a range of options that their parents could propel them in until they’re can run it themselves. Depending on how old they are, they can have pedal cars, motorized bikes, or electric cars to ride around the neighborhood. Here is a look at some of the different choices out there today.

Push Cars

Push cars is the first time of toy ride you want to give your kid. It has a basic design where the kid sits on it and you push it around or their can propel it themselves. It is very ideal for kids as it can fortify their leg muscles. These are also available in different styles. Aside from car designs, these are also available in animal shapes that kids will surely enjoy.

Pedal Toy Rides

Pedal toys rides that come in the form of cars and bike have been around for very long period of time already. But different from the past, these aren’t only available in the form of tricycles. There are other types of pedal toy rides these days that kids can enjoy, some of them are pedal planes, tractors, race cars, and fire tracks. This is not only for the kids to enjoy; they can actually get exercise by pedaling their very own toy ride.

Battery Operated Toy Rides

These types of toy ride vehicles are run by a 6 or 12 volt battery that can be recharged with a wall charger adapter. With these types of toy ride vehicles, the batteries usually last for around an hour when being used and they give realistic feel to the kids riding them. These types of toy ride vehicles can usually go back and forth, and come with break, radios, headlights, and some even have audio players.

Young kids love the freedom of wandering around; it doesn’t matter if they are just wandering around the sidewalk. Fortunately, there are so a lot of different choices for the kids to use to do it in the form of toy ride vehicles.