Quick Cool Bridal Portrait Tips

I’m no Bridezilla – I just don’t want my Bridal Portraits Taken!

This interesting report shows the importance (or lack of it) of bridal portraits and I think you will see things through the

Bridal portrait tips
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eyes of two brides and their feelings about wedding pictures.

One thing I skipped when I got married was the appointment for bridal portraits. Though I thought they might have been very neat to have, I decided that I really didn’t want to get dressed up in my wedding dress and pay to have my hair done before my wedding, only to have to do it all over again for the actual event.

Do you plan to have bridal portraits made before your wedding?

I know that these type of pictures are important to many women, but for me, it not only saved money to skip this part of the wedding images, it wasn’t something that I felt I needed to do. For some reason, I wanted to be dressed up in my dress and looking wonderful on my wedding day only. I thought it would not be as special the second time.

I was right. I would not have felt as good if I had put my dress on for bridal portraits before the wedding day, and I certainly didn’t feel like doing it after the fact. Instead, I did all the photos I wanted the day of the wedding and left it that way.

What’s important to one bride and groom may mean nothing to another wedding couple

I do understand why many want to do the bridal portraits, and I can also understand why this is an advantage to some. They don’t feel stressed or rushed, and they don’t have guests waiting around for them to finish on their wedding day. It does reduces the amount of time spent with the photographer after the ceremony, and I can’t think of one wedding guest that would not love that.

For some though, the bridal portraits odyssey becomes more important than the wedding day. This happened to a friend of mine. She is a wonderful girl, but she is somewhat hung up on what her parents expect of her.

If you want a wall portrait you should consider doing bridal portraits before the wedding

They wanted a very large wall portrait to hang over the fireplace in their home, and that was that.

My girlfriend could have had these bridal portraits done on her wedding day, but she had to keep the photography costs down as much as possible. The bride could have hired a good wedding photojournalist to do her pictures during the marriage ceremony.

Instead, she made the appointment for her bridal portraits and said she had a great time doing them, but she also said she felt that doing wedding gown pictures before hand took away from the wedding day a bit for her.

Personally, I feel that wedding photojournalism is a bit overrated but many can do the job of producing quality portraits of the bride.

It is really for the bride, the groom and the families to decide when the concern is bridal pictures

Each woman should make her own choice when it comes to bridal portraits instead of having them done along with all the other wedding pictures. In the end, it won’t be very important.

The important thing is to make the bridal and wedding experience what the couple dreams it to be, and not be hung up on what others think is the correct way. If a bride thinks it might take away from how she feels on her big day, they should be skipped. No harm done. And, the groom probably won’t care either way!

From Sam: The only comment I would like to add is that, no matter if you choose to create your bridal portrait before or after the wedding ceremony, make sure you hire a professional photographer to do the job. You will save many heartaches if you do. After all, the bridal is one of the most important pictures you will ever have taken. Do it right!

Furniture that is made from oak wood

When looking for furniture, it is essential to settle for oak. These are some of the reasons why oak furniture is the best option.

It is easy to maintain. Provided you look after the furnishing and take good care of it, it is going to last for a long time with little or no maintenance at all. When oak is polished or oiled often, you will not have to carry out any other maintenance.

This is one of the strongest wood used in furniture construction. It is also very durable and will last for many years even with a lot of usage over a long period of time. This is one of the reasons why it is popular with designers. It also allows them to showcase their skills for many generations to come. It is also going to stand against minor damage like spills or scratches. It is ideal for homes with small children or animals. You will not have to worry about it being bumped or knocked.

Furniture that is made from oak wood has a warm and natural look when it is finished in a wax polish, lacquer or oil which enhances the undulations of the grain and richness of the colour. Its strength and density ensures that it can be cut precisely making it ideal for modern styles and at the same time enabling beautiful carvings and moulding to enhance older styles of furnishings. This therefore makes it perfect for both traditional and modern homes. With time, oak furnishings will age beautifully and will develop and patina that is only produced by many years of use. The later generations of your family is going to convert and enjoy this amazing oak.

The best oak furniture is one that can be adapted to suit any change whether painted or stained to come up with very different looks. With time, if you want to refurbish your furniture, you have the option to paint or even stain it to a different colour or alter the finish of the furnishing.

When looking for Cheshire oak furniture, take the above information into consideration. You should also remember that you can use both pine and oak furniture together. There are people who find mixing different woods to be appealing to them. Do not be afraid to try out what you think will look best in your home. Being unique and different is sometimes the best way to go.

HID Conversion Kit – Your Best Bet For Converting To HID Lights?

HID light kitIf you’re reading this article, you have probably heard about the wonder that is HID lights and are probably thinking of converting your car’s headlights to HID using an HID conversion kit. But can you really make the switch?


You may find that, after a couple of mouse clicks online, you have located several kits offering to convert your halogen light bulb to an HID one. However, we strongly encourage you to do more research and to NOT pull out that credit card right away. HID headlamps are excellent, precisely because they are able to offer large and important security and functionality advantages compared to halogen headlamps, but they’re really only good if your car is set up to accommodate HID headlamps right away. Despite what marketers are telling you, using a conversion kit to convert from a halogen headlamp to an HID lamp is not an upgrade, it’s a downgrade unless it’s done with the correct equipment and a superb kit.


An “HID kit” consists of HID bulbs and ballasts for retrofitting right into halogen headlamps. Conversion kits for replacing conventional round or rectangular sealed beam headlamps typically incorporate a lousy-quality headlight unit that is not safe or maybe not even legal. Conversion kits often use the name of reputable businesses like Philips and Ossram to get their message when they’re not connected in any way with those companies. Make sure you do your research and know exactly what you are purchasing.


On rare occasions, a number of the parts in these kits did start out as valid HID headlight light bulbs produced by reputable businesses, however they can be modified (read: hacked) by the HID kit providers. Reputable firms like Philips and Osram never support this sort of hacked use of their products. However, it is simple to get HID conversion kits from other countries that sometimes counterfeit top brands.


So, if you really want to convert to HID headlamps, contact the companies that make them and consult with them about your car.


HID headlamps and halogen headlamps need different types of optics to create a powerful, safe and legal ray pattern. How come? Because both types of lights use different technology to produce light.


A halogen bulb has a cylindrical light source called the burning filament. The space immediately surrounding the cylinder of light is not totally light, and thus the sharpest contrast between dim and bright is the borders of the cylinder of light.  An HID bulb, meanwhile has a crescent shaped light source called the arc. It is crescent shaped because it passes through the space between two electrodes, making the light totally brighter.

Nitro Focus No3 Cut Away Body Fat that Hides Your Muscles

If you are into muscle building then you probably already know that it is not all about building as much muscle mass as possible. You also need to cut away body fat in order to improve your appearance. It simply look a lot better when you see the definition and separation between your muscle groups. In order to get to that stage takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It is not only about eating in order to grow it is also about cutting away body fat. This is often easier said than done, Nitro Focus No3 which we will explain later can help you in the right direction.

Happy About the Size Of Your Muscles?

If you are in the situation that you are pretty happy about your size but need to get rid of some of that body fat that are hiding your muscles then there are a few things you need to do. For sure you need to take a closer look at your diet. Basically you still need a lot of proteins, but here you will need to take a look at how much fat you are getting in your diet. It is a good idea to cut some of it away but not all of it. You still need the healthy fat for your muscles to grow.

Get Started with Some Cardio

When it comes to your workout it is time to get started doing some cardio in order to burn of some body fat. The best you can do is to do it in the morning before your breakfast if you have the same, if not after your workout will be just fine. You should be doing around 30 minutes each time. This is enough to start to make a difference. Whether you want to do the treadmill, cross trainer or whatever is completely up to you. This is as long as you are doing it.

Nitro Focus No3 the Way Forward

By this when it comes to your supplement you should cut out any creatine you might be taking. It has a tendency to fill your muscles with fluids that can make you look a little bit bulky. Nitro Focus No3 is a great supplement to take here because there are ingredients here that will help you to cut away your body fat quite effectively. Whey protein are still very welcome to take especially after your workouts.

Nitro Focus No3 Supplement

No Hard Gainers at this Point

At this stage in your workout you should avoid taking any hard gainers. They typically give you 800 or more calories each time you take them. You do not need that in your cutting phase. Nitro Focus No3 is far more important here because it will increase your body’s ability to burn off fat. Other ingredients found in Nitro Focus No3 will help you to boost your energy levels so you will not get tired while being in the gym. This means there are no excuses for not doing your cardio training while being there.